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Collection Guidelines: Korean Studies: UW Libraries Locations

These are the guidelines by which materials are purchased for the Korean Studies collection of the UW Libraries (Seattle Campus).

Location of Materials

UW Libraries locations

  • The materials in Korean languages are housed in East Asia Library. Western language materials on Korea are collected and housed throughout the University Libraries.
  • Suzzallo Library has most of Western language materials on Korea except the subject of Korean language and literature.
  • The Odeggard Undergraduate Library has a general collection in English to support undergraduate curricular.
  • The Media Center collects and houses audiovisual materials on Korea.
  • The Music Library Listening Center collects recorded music on Korea, and the Music Library has a collection of print materials in Western languages on Korean music.
  • The Government Publications Section in Suzzallo collects most of the U.S. Government publications on Korea.
  • The Map Collection in Suzzallo has a collection of maps on Korea. (A small collection of atlases in the East Asia Library is primarily for reference purposes.)
  • The Newspaper and Microfilm in Suzzallo has a collection of microfilms on Korea both in English and Korean.
  • The Law Library collects Korean laws and cases in Korean and in English (when available).