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Collection Guidelines: Korean Studies: Subject Info

These are the guidelines by which materials are purchased for the Korean Studies collection of the UW Libraries (Seattle Campus).

About This Guide


These are the guidelines by which materials are purchased for the Korean Studies collections of the UW Libraries (Seattle Campus).  For questions or more information, please contact the Korean Studies Librarian.

UW Libraries: Collection Goals

The UW Libraries is committed to providing convenient and timely access to collections and information resources that are outstanding with respect to their quality, depth, diversity, format and currency to support the research and teaching missions of the University of Washington.

Subject Definition

The Library's Korean Studies collection primarily supports the teaching and research of the University of Washington's Korean Programs at the Jackson School of International Studies and the Department of Asian Studies and Languages. The Library selects various resources on Korea mainly in the humanities and social sciences. The Korean Studies Research Guide will help you to begin using the materials (books, articles, electronic databases, newspapers, films, and etc.) in the UW Libraries collection. 


Subject Classification

Korean Studies is by its nature an interdisciplinary field, and the collections supporting it range widely and can be found among several Library of Congress (LC) classes. Some LC classes for Korean Studies:

B (religion)  BL2230 Korea--Religion ;  BQ650 Buddhism--Korea ;  BR1320 Christianity--Korea

DS (history) DS900 Korea--History

G (folklore) GR342 Folklore--Korea

H (Social Sciences) HN730.5 Korea--Social conditions ; HC467 Korea--Economic conditions ; HQ1765 Womens--Korea

JQ (Politics) JQ1725 Korea-Politics and government

L (Education) LA1331 Education--Korea

N (Fine Arts) N7360 Art, Korean  

PL (Language and Literature) PL900 Korean language ;  PL990 Korean literature

Z (Bibliographies) Z3316 Korea--Bibliography