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Resources from Research Data Management Planning Workshop: Retaining, Sharing, and Archiving

This guide is a list of useful links adapted from the Data Management Planning Workshop (, an asynchronous online workshop for UW community members engaged in research with data.

I am done using my data, now what?

There are several resources that can help with the long term storage and sharing of your data. You will first need to determine the formatting standards of your particular field so that your data can be used and understood by other researchers. The type of data that you are working with will determine what data preparations you will need to follow before you can share or archive your data.

Data Preparations

There may be additional issues that you need to address before you can share your data. You will need to determine the best format to use for sharing and archiving your data.


Retention is defined as the storing of data after the completion of a research project.


The best way to make sure your data is available to others is to publish your data to an appropriate sharing site.

Before making your data open, you will need to understand the Intellectual Property (IP) rights associated with it:


Sharing sites:


Archiving in this sense is about long-term preservation and accessibility, and it requires a specialized infrastructure and commitment to ongoing maintenance that many organizations just can't support. Several of the sharing sites above also function as archiving sites, you will need to be sure to check their funding and preservation strategies to be sure they are able to archive your work for the long-term.

Example Data Requirement Policies for Journals


If you have questions about data management, please email the Data Services Team at