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Manifold Pilot Guide: Adding Media, Images, & More to a Text

Adding Resources to a Text

You may add images, media materials, “interactive” elements (visualizations, maps, games, etc.) to your Manifold text.  These are referred to as "resources" within Manifold.  Files can be loaded directly into Manifold so long as they do not exceed 200 MBs. For a full list of approved file types and instructions on preparing your file types, please see the Preparing Resources section of the Manifold User Guide.   If you wish to make modifications to your text after it is loaded, you’ll need to load it again.  The Reingest section of the Customizing Projects--Texts section of the Manifold User Guide will walk you through how to do this.  Do note that if you make drastic changes to your text and users have added annotations or highlights to the text, these annotations and highlights may be lost during the reingest process.