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What is it?

Manifold Scholarship IconThe UW Press and UW Libraries have an opportunity to participate in a pilot Manifold Scholarship, a digital book publishing platform created by University of Minnesota Press. Manifold is unique as it serves as a digital text platform with chapters like a traditional text with the added ability to incorporate media, visualizations, gaming, and more along with the text.  Our pilot will run through September 30, 2022. Service beyond that point is contingent on a full pilot review by the Libraries and UW Press. Share your pilot comments here.

For a walkthrough of how to get started with Manifold, please see our UW created User's Guide!

Who is involved?

You must be a current UW student, instructor, or staff member to participate in our Manifold pilot program.  We are interested in exploring a variety of types of projects during our pilot phase. Examples might include integrating Manifold into teaching or using Manifold to display formal scholarship happening at UW.  For the purposes of this pilot, we can assist you with:

  • Setting up a Manifold project for your course or research project

  • Adding users to a Manifold project

  • Help with importing texts into Manifold

If you’re interested in participating in our pilot project, please get in touch with Verletta Kern (, Digital Scholarship Librarian.  

What follows is a basic guide for getting starting experimenting with Manifold based on the Libraries’ experience with digital scholarship and content compiled in the Manifold Users Guide.

What happens to my work post pilot?

We encourage you to take time to experiment with Manifold, however, there is a possibility we may not continue service with Manifold beyond our pilot period ending September 30, 2019.  As someone working in Manifold, you would be notified regarding the status of the Manifold pilot by August 1, 2019. Should we not continue with Manifold post-pilot, you should be prepared to move your materials from Manifold to another platform as materials in Manifold would be deleted at the end of the pilot period.  Here are some options to consider should you need to move your projects out of Manifold:

To demonstrate the text as a whole and how it worked together, you might consider using Web Recorder.   Web Recorder will freely host files up to 5MB.  If your project recording is more than 5 MB, you may need to pay extra to host the larger file with Web Recorder.

Have a Manifold project in mind?

Contact the Tri-campus DS Leads for more information or to set up an account:

Verletta Kern

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Verletta Kern

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