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HSTAS 221 Spring 2019: Find Books

Class guide to resources for HSTAS 221

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Travel and First Hand Accounts

Tips for finding books about Southeast Asia

Use the country name or you can search by the the names of peoples and languages, "Indonesian" for instance, or you can use "Indonesia" with the truncation symbol "Indonesia*" to find all instances of both "Indonesia" and "Indonesian." Try a keyword search first and look at the assigned Subject Headings to refine your search.  Note that you can limit any search by language using the left-hand side-bar, if you are looking for foreign language materials

Plurals, truncation, and wildcards (UW WorldCat)

Use * for mulitiple character wildcard eg Indonesia or Indonesian
Use a question mark (?) for a single character wildcard search. For example, if you used the search term "wom?n", you will find records that contain the words "woman" and "women." 

Searching by Format

You can also use the $$ wildcard as a placeholder for no keyword if you'd like to browse materials of a particular type. To do this, go to advanced search and select a specific material type. This will give you a lot of results, but you can still filter them down using the facets on the side. For example, you could browse all the audio visual materials that are in a particular language.

Useful Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Heading take the form:  Indonesia -- Politics and Government.  You can enter the following terms as Keywords in conjunction with the name of the country you are researching:

Nationalism, Politics and government, Armed forces, Human Rights, Political geography

History (can be divided by period), Personal narratives, Sources

Motion pictures, Literature, Arts, Performing arts

Manners and customs, Social life and customs,  Cooking, Food habits

Women, Women in development, Women social conditions, Masculinity, Patriarchy, Sex role, Gender identity

Minorities, Ethnic conflict


Note on Finding Historical Sources

History (can be divided by period), Personal narratives, Sources

Try using the term Philippine Islands to find sources on the American period in the Philippines.  Or Indochina for ealier works on Viet Nam Loas or Cambodia.  Limit your search by date of publication.

Use Description and Travel as keywords to locate first-hand travel accounts.  Limit by date.  Limit to English for translations of foreign language accounts.

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