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Data Resources in the Health Sciences

An inventory of resources to support research data needs in the health sciences field. This guide is constantly being updated; please send feedback via the Comments links.

Data Analysis Tools

Commonly used software for data analysis include:

*may be available on some computers in the HSL Learning Commons

For UW affiliates, the Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE)  provides Microsoft Windows Servers for general use computing through remote access. These permit anyone with a CSDE Windows Network account to sign into our file servers, access datasets, and run a wide selection of statistical software from anywhere in the world on a familiar Windows desktop environment.  Click to request a CSDE Computing Account.

Workshops about statistical software tools:

Data Visualization Tools

A graphical representation can communicate complex research results in ways that can be more quickly and effectively understood. Data visualization engages viewers and thereby increases the capability for communicating research more effectively. Visualizations can also be used to improve understanding, analyze complex relationships, explore data to find new connections and improve decision making. Here are some links to Health Sciences related data visualization tools.

Some interesting tools for visualization are listed here.