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Data Resources in the Health Sciences

An inventory of resources to support research data needs in the health sciences field. This guide is constantly being updated; please send feedback via the Comments links.


Graphic showing the research creation lifecycleUK Data Archive interactive graphic on managing data

Data is increasingly available to others for review and re-use. Simultaneously, the quest for more information about raw data and its availability is increasingly common. This guide provides an introduction to the world of data in the health sciences. On the Find Data tab, you will find inks to several health sciences related repositories where you can access data for your own research.


  • Find Data - general considerations concerning data repositories
    • Find Clinical Data - find data pertaining to patient / health care such as health surveys, epidemiological data
    • Find Scientific Data - find data from the bench sciences including genomic data

As a researcher, you may also consider managing your own data for compliance, re-use, etc.  The remaining sections of this guide provide information to assist you through the steps of managing your data.

  • Preserve/Store Data - find resources to assist researchers in identifying host sites to store data
  • Describe Data - find resources to help researchers process data in preparation for storage or sharing
  • Visualize Data - find resources that help researchers visualize data
  • Share Data - find resources that help resarchers think through the considerations of sharing data;includes links to NIH Data Sharing Policy
  • Cite Data - find resources that provide examples of ways to cite data


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