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Guidelines for collection scope and acquisitions strategies for data services.

About This Guide

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Subject Definition & Classification

The University of Washington Libraries collects data of broad curricular and research interest to the UW community. Preference will be given to data requests that are of use to the broadest community of researchers and students. If a dataset has a restrictive license or technical requirement that only allows one person or team to access the data, the Libraries will not purchase the data.

Departmental Focus

Data collection is not limited to a single departmental focus.

Collection Levels

The UW Libraries’ collects data primarily at the research level (4) to support the wide range of University curriculum. 

Decision Making Authority:

  • Acquisition decisions will include the person/people in charge of the data fund, as well as other pertinent decision-makers as needed (metadata services, licensing review, ITS, etc.)

Last Updated

Policy last updated May 2022.

Research Data Services Librarian

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Jennifer Muilenburg
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