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Finding Drug Information



The preceding sections of this guide introduced you to the characteristics of drug information resources and some specific resources you could use. The flowchart suggests a typical path you might follow to find information on a topic and the charts indicate key information provided by selected resources.

This tutorial focused on web-based resources available at the University of Washington. Additional resources may be available in other formats (e.g. in print or for mobile devices) or at other locations. As you enter practice, you will create your own toolkit of useful resources.


Additional Resources provided by UW

Further Reading

Two excellent books are available in the Health Sciences Library collection that provide information about other resources. They are:

  • Malone PM et al. Drug information: a guide for pharmacists. 6th ed. NY: McGraw-Hill, 2018.
  • Snow B. Drug information: a guide to current resources. 3rd ed. NY: Neal-Schuman Publishers, c2008.  Health Books QV 735 S674d 2008