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Measurement Tools/Research Instruments

Tips on how to find information about research instruments such as questionnaires.


A doctoral candidate in the School of Nursing is looking for an instrument to use in her research that will measure quality of life (QoL) in Chinese-American patients in Seattle with angina.

Where can you find an instrument to measure QoL in angina patients? 

Preliminary Questions

  • What population do you wish to assess?
  • Do you have any test selection criteria, for example specific diseases or conditions?
  • How hard is it to get a copy? Are there costs?

Set Up Test Selection Criteria

  • Does it measure what you want it to measure?
  • How are you planning to use it?
  • Is it appropriate for your subjects?
  • Is it available? Is there a cost? Is it copyrighted?
  • How often has it been used or cited?
  • Has it been reviewed?
  • Have you seen a sample?
  • Other characteristics:
    • purpose,
    • age or grade level,
    • format,
    • length of time,
    • language,
    • statistical validity & reliability,
    • administration,
    • scoring services, etc.

Browse Test Sources

  • A Quality of life measure refers to "health-related quality of life based on those aspects of a person's overall well-being that are affected by health status or health care." (Gold MR. Cost-effectiveness in health and medicine. New York:Oxford University Press,1996)
  • Search traditional databases for tests on Quality of Life as a variable as in the Find Test by Variable scenario.
  • Use your test criteria in Step 1 to make your selection.

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