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Century 21 Exposition: The World's Fair in Seattle, 1962: Archival Materials

A bibliography listing the highlights of archival, print, and photographic materials relating to the Seattle World's Fair in 1962.

Highlights of Archival Materials Relating to Century 21

Archival Collections - selected highlights (search catalog for more materials!)

  • Ewan C. Dingwall Papers. Accession 0420. Ewan Dingwall was the Vice-President and Executive Director of the Century 21 Exposition.
  • Joseph E. Gandy Papers. Accession 1738. Gandy served as President of Century 21 Exposition Inc., the non-profit corporation that was formed in 1957 to run the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. Planning for the Fair had been underway since 1955, when the Washington World's Fair Commission, chaired by Edward Carlson, began to meet. Gandy, who had been a member of the corporation from the start, took over from Carlson the job of chief statesman for the Fair.
  • Edward E. Carlson Papers. Accession 1614. Carlson was the first President and Chairman of the Board of the Century 21 Exposition.
  • Norman Davis Papers. Accession 2661. Davis was the Director of Fine Arts at the Century 21 Exposition.
  • Century 21 Exposition Records. Accession 0507. These records contain minutes of many commissions which planned the fair. Also included are the press releases, "News."

See other archival collections: Senator Warren G. Magnuson (Acc#3181), U.S. Representative Donald Magnuson (Acc# 0293), Seattle Mayor Gordon Clinton (Acc# 0452), Seattle City Councilmember James D. Braman (Acc# 1142), and State Legislator Alfred Rochester (Acc#3048) among many others.


Century 21 in Images

Image: Joseph Gandy, Palmer Hoyt, Alfred Rochester, and Ewen Dingwall looking at plans for Seattle World's Fair, ca. 1961


Image: Space Needle Restaurant menu, ca. 1962


Image: An Adventure in Outer Space exhibit, Ford Motor Company Pavilion, Century 21 Exhibition, 1962.