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History : Africa: Articles

A research guide to primary and secondary sources for African history.

History journal covers: Journal of West African History, Journal of African History, Journal of Modern African Studies, International Journal of African HIistorical Studies & History in Africa

Find Articles on Modern African History

Historical Abstracts is the best database to use when looking for academic journal articles in the field of modern world history including African history for the period 1450 to the present.

Link your search terms using the AND connector. For example: women and kenya and mau mau. On the search results screen, use the options on the left toolbar to narrow your search results. To find the fulltext of the article (if not provided directly in the database), click on the "Check for Full Text" button and work your way through the screens. Not all articles will be online, some may only be in print, others may not be available at the UW. Articles from journals which the UW does not own can be requested via Interlibrary loan.

Other Useful Databases