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Campus Library FAQ: How do I find full-text articles in Academic Search Complete?

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Finding full-text in Academic Search Complete

Full-text scholarly articles are generally available in subject-specific databases and general research databases like Academic Search Complete. These databases can include journal articles, conference proceedings, and other information types published in related academic subjects or disciplines.

1. Let's start from a list of search results within Academic Search Complete. (If you're wondering how to access and search the database, see How do I search in Academic Complete?)

Within these search results there will be two options for finding full-text articles: a direct link to a PDF Adobe PDF iconor a “Check for Full Text” UW Check for Full Text icon purple and gold icon.


2. First we’ll look at a search result with a link to the full-text article. The “PDF Full Text” Adobe PDF iconwill take us directly to the full-text article.


3. From the full-text PDF view of this article, click on “results list” to return to the full list of your search results.


4. Most results in Academic Search Complete do NOT have a direct link to the full text, but access may be available through the UW Libraries Search system. Click on the “Check for Full Text” UW Check for Full Text icon purple and gold icon to find access to an article that is not available through Academic Search Complete.


There may be a few more steps to access the full-text of this article...


5. Look for one or more links under the View Online heading in the UW Libraries details page...

View Online section of article record 


6. Following the links to a full-text article may lead to different paths. Look for words like: Full Text, PDF, or HTML.


7. If you are accessing full-text articles from off-campus, you may need to sign-in with your UW NetID.

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