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Research Guides

How I Can Help You

For students, I can:

  • Answer your questions via email, phone or in-person
  • Recommend data sources and tools to assist you in your research
  • Meet with you individually to hash out your topic or discuss research strategies
  • Tell you about library services, specifically those related to finding or managing data
  • Consult with you about data management best practices, services and resources


For faculty, I can:

  • Consult with you about data management best practices, services and resources
  • Consult with you to provide customized research data management curriculum or training materials for your research group, students or staff
  • Help you navigate what components of a data management plan are required by your funding agency
  • Introduce your students to data research tools and strategies
  • Create a webpage tailed to your class or assignment’s research needs
  • Introduce you to various data management tools such as EZID, ORCID, DMPTool and others


For everyone, I can:

  • Direct you to our upcoming classes, such as Data Management 101 or our series of Research Data Management workshops (email me jmuil @ for more information)


I'm also in charge of the UW Libraries Data Services communications, including:

Library Guides

Subject and class guides created by me to help you with your academic work:

Research Data Services Librarian

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Jennifer Muilenburg
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