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LING/ANTH 433, LING 533: Sociolinguistics II: Home

Library resources and research in sociolinguistics for LING/ANTH 433 & LING 533

Welcome to the library research guide for Sociolinguistics II (LING/ANTH 433/533).

This guide will introduce you to sources for building the foundations of your knowledge of the discipline of sociolinguistics.

  • Reference sources provide quick overviews of content. More authoritative alternatives to Wikipedia.
  • Search the literature using databases and catalogs to find sources relevant to your topic.
  • Books and Ebooks can be found in the Libraries' catalog, including specialized types:
    • Handbooks provide in-depth overviews of a wide range of topics within sociolinguistics and related disciplines.
    • Research methods guides for are key to understanding the literature and designing your own research.
  • Gray literature, or literature published outside commercial channels, can be a huge source of information for linguists.
  • Citations & writing for help collecting, arranging, and applying your sources.

You can use reference sources and handbooks to locate thorough reviews of existing literature to build the foundations of your own literature review. Then use bibliographic databases and other search tools to find the most recent work being done on the topic and home in on the details of your specific area of interest.

Use the side navigation bar to find out more about sociolinguistics research sources.

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