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Mathematics, Pure and Applied: Covid-19 Access

Guide to finding articles, books, and reference resources in mathematics and applied mathematics.


This page will help collect resources which have expanded online access to assist with mathematics research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AMS Resources

  • AMS Remote Pairing (Email me)
    The American Mathematical Society allows for personal devices to be connected to them through the University of Washington, meaning you can browse their journals and ebook collections as well as use MathSciNet without logging in. While this usually requires being on campus, they have created a way for this to be accessed remotely. Please contact me if you would like to use this service.

SIAM Resources

The SIAM Epidemiology Collection, focused on disease modeling, pandemics, and vaccines, is freely available to all for one year: Please share this important resource with your researchers and students


Mathematical Resources to Help Understand COVID-19: We've gathered this collection of resources to facilitate a better understanding of the virus and associated research; we will be updating this post as we become aware of new materials. Check out the collection.