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detail from an 18th c. map of Persia



This page brings together digitized primary sources (mostly in English) dealing with the modern Middle East available through UW Libraries databases (marked with a lock icon) as well as collections available freely on the web. The sources books, news and magazine articles, government reports, photographs, and other types of primary sources. 

For information on vernacular resources see the Near East Studies research guide. To find links to secondary source databases see the Middle East History research guide.

Have questions or need research help? Please contact Theresa Mudrock, the history librarian, via email at or Mary St. Germain, the Near Eastern Studies librarian, via email at

Image: detail from the 1724 map, Imperii Persici in omnes suas provincias nova tabula geographica.


These portals bring together collections from a wide number of sources while others are the digitized collections of major institutions such as national libraries. Most do not focus on the Middle East but will contain material on the region. There will be some overlap in material in many of these collections. To find additional portals, search for national libraries in the Middle East, to see if they have digital collections.