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Omeka: Adding Pages

Omeka is a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions.

How are simple pages different from exhibits?

Simple pages can be added to describe your project as a whole in more detail. They become part of the overarching site navigation. Exhibits provide a way to bring items from an Omeka site together in conversation with one another through descriptive text. With the Simple Pages plug-in, you can create an “About” page for your site, a page for an essay about the materials on your site, and more. Before you start creating Simple Pages, it can be helpful to think through your site structure. Creating a site wireframe may be helpful before you start adding pages.

How to create pages


To get started using Simple pages, take a look at the UW Omeka Guide's Simple Pages section. The guide includes how to:

  • Add the Simple Pages plug-in: before you adding pages to your Omeka site, you will need to set up the Simple Pages plug-in.
  • Edit a Simple Page: Instructions on how to edit the automatically created About page.
  • Add a New Simple Page: Steps for adding new Simple Pages to your Omeka site.
  • Simple Pages Hierarchy View: Once you have several Simple Pages, it can be helpful to lok at the "Hierarchy View" to help organize pages and see how users will navigate the pages on your site.


For more information on Simple Pages, please see the Omeka Classic User Manual.