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Seattle Sounds Archiving Project (SSAP): Burt Porter Jazz Collection

Seattle Sounds aims to preserve, promote, and share deep archival cuts from the city and region's many musics and sounds.

Ernestine Anderson & Cecil Young Quartet from 1951 (Burt Porter Collection)

Cecil Young Quartet (UW Porter Collection 01001, items1-3)

Burt Porter Jazz Collection

Burt Porter was a Seattle-based Ampex tape distributor and avid jazz recordist. During the 50s and 60s Porter followed local jazz acts from venue to venue and, thankfully for us, carted his cumbersome reel-to-reel recording equipment with him. His dedication to jazz and technical know how resulted in a number of extraordinary recordings of such local jazz luminaries as Ernestine Anderson and the Cecil Young Quartet. His collection was rescued from a decrepit barn in 2012 and donated to the UW Libraries. What you hear on this page are but a few digitized gems from the collection.

Seattle Daily Times: 09-02-1951; p. 33.