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UW Libraries Search System Upgrade June 2022: Permalinks

Instructions on saving individual records, saved searches, and saved queries in preparation for transitioning to the upgraded UW Libraries Search system.


If you are using Permalinks such as for readings in Canvas or on websites, these links will not work after the upgrade to the new UW Libraries Search system. Since My Favorites (Saved Records) are automatically migrated to your account in the upgrade to the new UW Libraries Search system, we suggest you save each current permalink record to the My Favorites menu for easy re-capture after the upgrade on June 13. 

  1. Before June 12, follow each of your permalinks to find the records in the current UW Libraries Search.  You may want to keep a record of the location of your current permalinks for more efficiency.  Screenshot of spreadsheet record of permalinks
  2.  For each permalink, you followed, save each of these records into My Favorites by clicking on the pushpin icon to the right. Screenshot of a library record for the book titled Boys in the Boat with the pin icon highlighted

3. After June 13, go into My Favorites in the upgraded UW Libraries Search system and select the permalink button permalink icon next to each individual record to generate new permalinks to replace the old ones. If you want to select multiple saved records and export them with the permalinks to an Excel file follow the Export to Excel guide

 Screenshot of My Favorites page with a saved book record