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Statistics: Digital Archives

Guide to finding articles, books, and reference resources in pure and applied statistical methods.

Math/Stat Digital Archives

Digital Registries

  • AMS Digital Mathematics Registry (DMR), provide centralized access to certain collections of digitized publications in the mathematical sciences. The registry is primarily focused on older material from journals and journal-like book series that originally appeared in print but are now available in digital form.
  • DML, Digital Mathematics Library, Ulf Rehmann's list of retrodigitized mathematics journals and monographs.

Digital Archives

  • Biblioteka Wirtualna Matematyki, a collection of Polish journals, series, and books.
  • Cornell University Library: Historical Mathematics Monographs, a collection of 512 monographic volumes in mathematics with expired copyrights.
  • Digital Mathematics Archive/University of British Columbia
  • Gallica. A Bibliotheque Nationale de France project of 244 digitized mathematics titles includes many important 19th century monographs, serial back sets, and collected works of mathematicians.
  • GDZ, Göttinger Digitalisierungs-Zentrum, Mathematica. German retrospective digitization of 18th and 19th century journals, multivolume sets and monographs.
  • JSTOR. The collection includes the complete back files of 16 mathematics journals and 20 statistics journals. It also includes a number of general science journals that have mathematical and statistical articles. UW restricted
  • NUMDAM NUMérisation de Documents Anciens Mathématiques. French project to digitize older French journals and seminars. Includes Annales de l'Institut Fourier and Journées Équations aux Dérivées Partielles.
  • Math-Net.Ru, all Russian mathematical portal. Free online access to full-text articles of the Publishing House "Nauka" journals is available now and allowed 3 years after publication of the corresponding issue.
  • University of Michigan Historical Mathematics Collection. A growing collection of 19th and 20th century monographs in mathematics.

UW Institutional Repository

Archive Indexes

Digital Initiatives

  • WDML, World Digital Mathematics Library. The Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC) of the International mathematical Union has made a commitment to coordinate further efforts to achieve a world-wide digital library. This site contains information about the World Digital Mathematics Library project and will be updated as the effort continues.
  • EuDML, The European Digial Mathematics Library.
  • Digitization Projects
  • EMANI, Electronic Mathematics Archives Network Initiative. A coalition of libraries and Springer-Verlag hope to provide long term preservation and access to mathematics literature. List of available titles.
  • Math Survey

Math/Stat Preprints and Tech Reports