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Banksy Roadmap by Andre Oliveira using Tableau

Welcome to the UW Tacoma Library digital scholarship library guide. This guide is intended to help new digital scholars find resources, research, and support for developing their projects.

The guide includes a framework for project planning, best practices, descriptions of software platforms used for digital scholarship as well as examples of work.

Below is a list of potential learning outcomes of digital scholarship projects.

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Technical skills
  • Visual design skills
  • Learning by doing

Digital Humanities Projects Outcomes

Digital scholarship can be as simple as creating a website as a repository for work, a blog for documenting learning, or a word cloud to discover important concepts in a text. It can be complex as the use of a text analysis tool to discover frequencies and relationships between words contained in a large corpus of written materials.

The example below was created by simply copying and pasting the text from this LibGuide into Voyant - a data visualization tool. Use the slider at the bottom of the visualization to adjust the number of words included in the word cloud.