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What's in the Guide

Welcome to the guide for Data & Statistics. This guide provides links to useful physical and virtual resources for finding, analyzing, visualizing and managing data.  Use the tabs to navigate through the pages of this guide.

Data vs. Statistics
Data refers to raw input, while statistics refer to some sort of analysis. For example, I may refer to a spreadsheet of household incomes in Pierce county as data, but the average income would be considered a statistic. Many resources contain both statistics and data, and some information can be both data and a statistic.

  • Find Data search for data in some of the major data portals or find a resource to obtain more specialized data
  • Data Management Plans - explore requirements for data management plans by funding agencies and templates for those plans, find other campus resources to help you manage your research data
  • Cite and Transform Data - resources to help you cite datasets and visualizations, as well as tools to help you clean and transform datasets.


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