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UW Tacoma Library boasts diverse collections in both digital and print format. We encourage everyone to engage with all available content and are happy to field questions, facilitate access and more.

To find books specific to UW Tacoma Library and/or to pick up a book or another resource at UW Tacoma Library, we recommend following these directions. Delivery estimates can be found here.

Books are located within the Tioga Library Building. For help locating and checking out resources, including books, simply ask at the desk for assistance!

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E-book Collections

To find e-books from UW Libraries, use the E-book Collections & Access guide. Be sure to use the left-hand menu to learn more about downloading e-books and other related information, such as access and use limits.

Summit & Interlibrary Loan

The Summit and Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Guide outlines who can request materials and how, as well as expected timeframes for when materials should arrive. A useful FAQ section is likewise included.

Through this Interlibrary Loan (ILL) & Scanning Services guide, you can access your ILL account and learn more about the scanning services offered to students, faculty, staff and non-UW clients.