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ProQuest TDM Studio Guide: Help & Support Using TDM Studio

Access at University of Washington

Documentation at ProQuest

ProQuest offers a guide with documentation on getting started with TDM Studio.  More documentation is contained in the Jupyter Notebook in the TDM Studio Workbench.  

Get Help with TDM Studio

  • Onboarding and Question & Answer session - New users can use the TDM Studio ( self-scheduling tool to schedule an onboarding session with ProQuest TDM Studio experts.   
  • TDM Studio Technical Support

Text data mining help through UW Libraries

Data Visualization:


Text Mining:

TDM Studio Vocabulary

  • Dataset / Corpus: Collection of data that can be parsed individually (understood) by a computer
  • Scripts: Instructions that are executed by a program in a specific order to accomplish a task
  • Methods: Procedures used to analyze data
  • Jupyter Notebook: Open-source software that enables users to share documents with text, code, visualizations
  • Python: Open-source programming language
  • R: Open-source programming language and software for statistical analysis
  • Workbench Dashboard: The Workbench is designed for experienced researchers who use their own coding methodologies. Workbenches are available to researchers in the designated project.
  • Visualization Dashboard: TDM Studio Visualization is designed for users of all levels to quickly spot trends and generate insights. 
  • Document: A single text file - novel, tweet, article
  • Vocabulary: All the words used in a document or corpus
  • Term/word frequency: Usage of terms in document / corpus in terms of the entire terms in a corpus
  • n-grams: A sequence of items from a given sample of text or speech - usually unigrams, bigrams (two item phrases), trigrams (three item phrases)

See how others are using TDM Studio Visualizations

ProQuest TDM Studio Visualizations can be used for many different levels of research, teaching, and learning.  Here are brief case studies showing how the dashboard has been used at other academic institutions:

TDM Research Projects:

Digital Humanities - Undergraduate Teaching