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ProQuest TDM Studio Guide: TDM Studio Workbench dashboard

Access at University of Washington

Requesting to Use the Workbench

Current UW faculty, staff, and students may request access to the ProQuest TDM Studio Workbench.  

Individuals or research teams up to 5 persons wishing to use the TDM Studio Workbench should:

  • Create a TDM Studio Account 
  • If working with a team, the Team Lead should email to request that additional users are added to the workbench.  Team Leads may request up to 4 additional researchers be added to the workbench. Include the researchers first and last names and email addresses. Note: the Team Lead should be someone with a UW NetID. Although, additional researchers can be from other institutions.
  • The Team Lead should schedule an Onboarding and Question & Answer session using the TDM Studio (office self-scheduling tool.
  • To access your Workbench, login into the TDM Studio page:  

The Fine Print

Access Requirements:

  • Sections of UW Libraries' Responsible Use of Electronic Resources apply.  
  • Research funding is not required to use TDM Studio at UW.  
  • All users are responsible for following and abiding by the ProQuest TDM Studio terms of use
  • For Research Teams:
    • Each Team member must have an individual TDM Studio Account.
    • At least one Team member must be a current UW faculty, staff, or student with a valid UW NetID. 
    • One UW-affiliated Team member will be designated as the Team Lead and will handle all communication between the Team, UW Libraries, and ProQuest TDM Studio support.  
    • A Team may include researchers who are not at UW as long as they are working on a team with one or more UW-affiliated researchers.

Login information:

  • You must Create a TDM Studio Account.  
  • Accounts and passwords may not be shared beyond those individuals.  
  • You should see a drop down menu at the top center of the TDM Studio homepage that allows you to toggle between use of the Workbench and Visualizations.   
  • For Research Teams: ProQuest will create a Workbench and provide passwords to individuals comprising a Research Team.

Data Limits:

  • A limit of ten total simultaneous datasets can be created on the Workbench with up to 2 million documents per dataset at any one time.
  • The Team mines content from sources aggregated within ProQuest databases to which UW Libraries has current licensing agreements/subscriptions in place with ProQuest.  
    • Contact to verify which publication titles of interest are contained within TDM Studio.  
  • A maximum of 15mb per week is available for export outside of TDM Studio.  NOTE: the corpus of text remains in TDM Studio.  Datasets cannot be exported.  Scripts and analysis results created by the Team may be exported from TDM Studio.  Screen shots of the visualizations may be taken.
  • The Team's files will be deleted from the Workbench at the end of the Team's scheduled time.


  • All members of a Team have read/write access to all data, programs, and results.
  • TDM Studio users will be able to analyze, but not download full data sets.  The full corpus of text remains in TDM Studio.
  • Team members can download all of their programs and related analytical results up to 15mb per week.
  • Downloads are queued and team members are sent an email when the download is ready.
  • The link in the email will work only once.
  • Team member coordination for the use of the emailed links is advised. 

Saving & Data Management:

  • Teams should observe good data management practices.  Schedule an appointment with UW Libraries Research Data Services Librarian for help.  
  • The Team should retain search strings used to retrieve content so that the searches can be re-run at a later time if necessary.

TDM Studio Workbench Corpus

This tool allows UW researchers the ability to mine large volumes of published current and historical content from millions of pages of news, popular and industry magazines, scholarly publications, and more available through UW Libraries subscriptions to ProQuest databases including:

  • Alt-Press Watch
  • American Periodical Series
  • Early English Books Online
  • Ethnic Newswatch
  • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses
  • US Newsstream

Log in to TDM Studio

Log in to TDM Studio

If you haven't already, go to the Register to Use TDM Studio page and follow the steps to create an account.  

If you or your team currently has TDM Studio Workbench access, use the links at the top of the page to enter the Visualizations or the Workbench modules.  

Submit Your Feedback

UW Libraries is piloting this resource and your feedback is vital to determining if we continue to subscribe to it over time.  Please share feedback via email: