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University of Washington Health Sciences Library

Systematic Reviews (SR)

HSL Systematic Review Services

The librarians of the UW Health Sciences Library support the needs of UW researchers conducting systematic reviews/comparative effectiveness reviews, and meta analyses. Services range from consultations and trainings free of charge, to services with a high level of involvement, where there is a charge for librarians' time. Depending upon the complexity of the topic and number of databases searched, librarians typically spend between 20 and 40 hours on a systematic review. The rate, when paid by UW budget number, is $42/hour. Contact us to discuss your SR topic, scope and timeline. For unfunded SR projects, please contact us to negotiate a level of service.



HSL SR Services - no charge and fee

Service No Charge   Fee-Based
Advise on search questions formulation X  
Guidance with systematic review steps X  
Advise on databases/sources selection for specific topics X  
Instruction in database platforms available at UW X  
Instruction in search techniques and methods X  
Training in use of bibliographic citation software (e.g. EndNote, RefWorks), to management and share results X  
Development and documentation of formal, comprehensive strategies for reproducible searches   X
Translation of strategies as appropriate for each database platform   X
Running searches in multiple databases   X
Downloading/deduplicating results to citation management software   X
Writing search methods according to PRISMA or other appropriate guidelines   X
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