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Systematic reviews and other evidence synthesis projects

HSL Librarian Liaisons

Requesting librarian support on your evidence synthesis project

We provide two tiers of support for systematic and scoping reviews based on what the team needs. Tier 1 is education on the review process and resources, and recommendations for search strategy and databases. Tier 2 is collaboration. There is no fee but we request co-authorship.

Here are elements that we provide under Tier 2:

  • Education on the review process
  • Discuss which review type is right for your project.
  • Suggest databases
  • Work with the team to develop a search strategy and search terms
  • Review the protocol before it is submitted
  • Translate searches to multiple databases
  • Recommend tools and software
  • Upload results to screening software (or guide a team member through the process if that is preferred)
  • Re-run strings and re-upload results closer to the publication date if needed
  • Assist in writing the search section of the methodology
  • Review the PRISMA flow diagram
  • Identify potential journals to publish in
  • Provide copies of all the search strings and the database results for your records.

We're not able to assist with:

  • participating in screening, critical appraisal, or data extraction
  • advising on statistical analysis
  • obtaining and uploading full text (though you can request articles through UW Libraries Interlibrary Loan if we do not have a copy)


To request either tier of librarian support for your project, please complete this form and we will follow up with you.

If you are new to systematic reviews, scoping reviews, and rapid reviews, please watch one or more of the tutorials below before completing the form:


Student support

If you are a student assigned with a research project or a PhD or Masters student working on your dissertation or thesis, you may not need to follow all the steps listed in this guide.

Reach out to your HSL School Liaison ( and we can discuss how to scale the project appropriately. Librarians will also help you with learning how to construct a search strategy, select databases, and select a citation manager.


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