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How to find online items

Locating online items in the UW Libraries collection, such as ebooks, involves three steps: searching for material using relevant words and phrases, filtering results to what is available online, and refining the search results to display only the specific types of online material in the results.

1. At the Libraries home page, type in your search terms in the UW Libraries Search box. Click Search.

Screenshot of homepage search.


2. Filter results to online material by going to the Refine My Results column on the left and in the Availability box, check the "Available Online" option. Click on "Apply Filters" at the bottom of the screen.

Available online filter

3.  To specify online material types, such as ebooks, in the results, go to the Refine My Results side bar and expand the "Resource Type" section. Select the desired online material type, such as eBooks, then click on Apply Filters at the bottom of the screen.

Refine My Results, select eBooks, click Apply Filters

Tip: If you don't see the Resource Type you need, you may need to expand that section by clicking on the down arrow in the Resource Type header or by clicking on Show More.


4. You can then click on the link available in the View It or View Online section to access the online material.

Accessing options
shows view it section and a box around the link under the view it section showing how to properly access this title View online access