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UW Library Locations for Baltic Studies

Call number ranges and UW Library floor locations for the most frequently used parts of the Baltic collection are:

  • DK 502 - DK 505:  Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and general Baltic history (Suzzallo 4th floor)
  • PG 8000s:  Lithuanian language and literature (Suzzallo 2nd floor)
  • PG 9000s:  Latvian language and literature (Suzzallo 2nd floor)
  • PH 600s:  Estonian language and literature (Suzzallo 2nd floor)
  • M:  Baltic choral music (Music Library)
  • N-ND:  Baltic art and architecture (Allen 3rd floor south & Art Library & Built Environments Library)

Search Terms for Baltic Studies

The UW Libraries search interface permits some unique and useful ways of browsing by topics.  Select the advanced search option, then use the drop-down box to change the search index from "Keyword" to "Identifier, Subject," and try entering terms modeled on these examples :

  • Estonian literature
  • Latvian poetry
  • Lithuania - Civilization
  • Latvia - Social life and customs
  • Art - Latvia
  • Baltic States - History

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