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AIS 475 Northwest Native Peoples and the Flora of the Pacific Northwest: Books

Instructor Cynthia Updegrave

Search UW WorldCat for Books


UW WorldCat: Search UW Libraries and beyond What is UW WorldCat?

UW Worldcat is especially useful when you want to search as broadly as possible for a topic or when you are seeking a relatively rare item that isn't likely to be available at the UW. It also facilitates borrowing books from other libraries.

Tips for searching UW WorldCat:

  • For known items, enter authors or titles in " "
  • Use descriptive words as search terms
  • Use keyword search phrases: examples, American Indians ecology, Native Americans ethnobotany
  • Use Topic limit (one of the links along the left of your search results) to narrow the scope of your search.
  • When reviewing item details, use the Similar Items section to identify related subjects
  • Truncation * returns results with a root word and any ending: politic* [finds political, politically, politics...]
  • Click title link to display item details (library location; call number, availability, etc.)
  • Use UWWorldCat Advanced Search for complex searches and limits
    For example: Subject [ University of Washington ] ; Keyword [ environment ]
  • Getting too many results? Don't want to wait for interlibrary loan? Try searching the UW-only Catalog for items *only* in our system. You can also use the Advanced Search feature of the UW-only catalog to limit your search within a specific UW Library location.
  • Connectors (AND/OR) not needed
  • See more info on UW WorldCat >>

Sample Library of Congress Subject Headings

  • Campus Planning - Environmental Aspects - Washington State - Seattle
  • Environmental Impact Statements - Washington State - Seattle
  • Indians of North America - Fishing
  • Indians of North America - Ethnobotany
  • Indians of North America - Washington State - Puget Sound Region
  • Indians of North America - Washington State - Treaties
  • Tulalip Indians - Education
  • Tulalip Indians - Social Conditions
  • United States - Civilization - Indian influences

Library of Congress Call Numbers (Native Americans/Indians of North America)

    Call numbers are the subject and physical location of items.
  • E77 General works
  • E78 By state, province or region, A-Z
  • E98 By subject, A-Z
  • E99 By Tribe, A-Z

How Do I Find a Book at UW Libraries?

Short tutorial demonstrating how to find a book in University of Washington Libraries. Walks through the process from searching in UW WorldCat to locating a book on the shelf. | Time 01:37 | Play Video

How do I find electronic books available through UW Libraries?

thumbnail of E-Books video How do I find online books available to me through the UW Libraries? | Time - 01:35 | Transcript | Play Video

(opens a new window)

Ebooks at the UW

An ebook is an electronic version of a printed book. Some ebooks require you to set up a personal account in order to view them.

The following link provides access to ebook packages at the University of Washington.