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AIS 475 Northwest Native Peoples and the Flora of the Pacific Northwest: Dissertations and Theses

Instructor Cynthia Updegrave

Search for Dissertations & Theses

Use ProQuest search to find full-text disserations and theses.

Enter your search terms:

To find dissertations and theses at the UW and beyond.

Use the link above to explore additional options for locating dissertations and master's theses at the University of Washington and elsewhere.

Use Google Scholar to find Dissertations or Theses

Use the search box and combine the term dissertation with a topical keword,

for example:

  • dissertation American Indians treaties
  • dissertation Native American ethnobotany
  • dissertation Existing Indian Family Exception
Google Scholar Search

How do I use Google Scholar to search for UW materials?

thumbnail of Google Scholar video Use Google Scholar to search specifically for materials held by the University of Washington. | Time - 01:38 | Transcript | Play Video

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How do I set up and use RefWorks to keep track of my citations?

thumbnail of RefWorks video RefWorks is a tool that you can use to keep track of your citations and automatically create bibliographies. Access your RefWorks account with your UW NetID. | Time - 02:35 | Transcript | Play Video

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How do I find full-text Dissertations and Theses?

thumbnail of dissertations and theses video Find dissertations and theses written at any institution and also specifically by UW students | Time - 01:49 | Transcript | Play Video

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