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Collection Guidelines: Art: Related Non-UW Collections

Guidelines for collection scope and acquisitions strategies for Art.

Resource Sharing

a. Related local and regional collections:

The Special Collections at the Seattle Public Library (SPL) has an online collection of Northwest Art.  Many of the pieces on view were created during the Public Works of Art Project in 1934.

The Seattle Art Museum has two research libraries and a lending library for educators. Although primarily geared to support the museum staff, docents and educators, the libraries are open to members and the general public. The Dorothy Stimson Bullitt Library is located on the Fifth Floor of the Seattle Art Museum downtown.  The McCaw Foundation Library is located on the Lower Level of the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park; and the Wyckoff Teacher Resource Center is also located on the Lower Level of the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park.

The Reed College Library's Special Collections has a collection of artists books.

b. Cooperative loan arrangements:

The art collection at the The Center for Research Libraries consists of mostly foreign dissertations, newspapers, retrospective serials, digitized versions of out-of-copyright monographs, and other research materials. The UW is a member of the Orbis-Cascade Alliance. UW faculty, staff and students may request materials from other Orbis-Cascade Alliance members through the UW Catalog..

c. Cooperative acquisition projects:

The University of Washington makes recommendations to the The Center for Research Libraries for the purchase of materials. Informal cooperative collection development with other Orbis-Cascade libraries is practiced on a minor level.  The Orbis-Cascade e-book project allows UW patrons to view/acquire electronic books that are accessible to and jointly-owned by all 37 member libraries.