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Christianity: Biblical Studies

Suggested resources for Christian studies

Finding BOOKS OF THE BIBLE with UW Libraries Search


To find information on particular books of the Bible, click on Advanced Search under the main search box.  Change the drop-down search field to in subject.  Change the drop-down box next to it to exact.  If you're interested in items about the Hebrew Bible (Christian Old Testament), or its components, type in bible.<space>o.t.<space><name of book or component, such as psalms>.  Follow a similar process for searching on the New Testament, but substitute n.t. after bible.  Be sure to insert periods and spaces exactly as recommended in the example.

Finding BIBLE VERSIONS with UW Libraries Search


To find Bible versions, click on Advanced Search under the main search box, then select subject from the drop-down search fields.  Type in Bible versions.  If you want a particular version, you can type in its name in another search field.