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Open Educational Resources and Open Textbooks: UW Libraries Open Textbook Award

Adopting and Creating Open Educational Resources (OER)

Faculty Open Textbook Awards

The Open Educational Resources Steering Committee is happy to announce a group of faculty recipients for awards to create new open textbooks. Faculty were invited to apply for funding to author new works or to remix/revise existing open material. In this round, each of the four recipients has been awarded $3000 to incentivize and aid their creation of new open course materials that are expected to in use by Autumn 2019 quarter.

The recipients and planned open textbook projects are:

  • Professor Rick Bonus, American Ethnic Studies, to create a text for the course entitled Critical Filipino American Histories, AAS 360
  • Professor Martha Groom, UW Bothell Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, to create an Environmental Studies textbook and instructor’s guide on local to global socio-political, economic, and environmental consequences of having developed petroleum as an energy and materials source. 
  • Laura Little, Principal Lecturer in Psychology, to create a textbook for statistics and modeling in behavioral science. 
  • Eduardo Viana da Silva, Lecturer and Coordinator of the Portuguese Language Program, to create an online course book, workbook, and supplementary materials for Elementary and Intermediate Portuguese. 


A subcommittee (consisting of Chelle Batchelor, John Danneker, Anne Davis, Mel DeSart, Trent Hill, Madison Sullivan, and Peter Wallis) designed the award, solicited proposals, and scored submissions according to requirements outlined in the CFP.

The committee acknowledges the support of the Transformation Fund of the Kenneth S. and Faye G. Allen Library Endowment