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CINAHL Help Guide

Information about how to use CINAHL

Save Search and Alerts

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 Create Personal Ebsco Account


 Save Search


 Create Automatic Email Alert


Saving Searches and Creating Alerts

Save your search to be rerun at another time or create automatic email updates.

  1. Create a personal account by clicking Sign In at the top of the page. Go to Create a New Account and set up your profile, or sign in to an existing account by entering your username and password.  Then you will be returned to the Search page.
  2. Enter a search.
  3. Click Search History above the search results and select search to be saved. Then click Save Searches/Alerts.
  4. Name your search and select from the options to save as a permanent search or an alert. If selecting to save as an alert, select from the options that appear and click Save.
  5. To access your saved searches in future, go to the Search History page, and click Retrieve Searches. The retrieved search or alert can either be rerun, edited, or deleted. RSS feed URLs are also available when you create an Alert.

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