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CINAHL Headings

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 CINAHL Headings


CINAHL Subject Headings

In many cases, the most efficient way to search is by using CINAHL Headings, the terms used to assign subject headings to the articles in the database.

  • Click CINAHL Headings at the top of the page and type your term in the Search box and click Browse .
  • Click the callout icon under the Scope column to see a definition of the subject heading.
  • Select the desired subject heading by checking the box next to it. This will also display the subheadings associated with the subject heading.
  • Click on the Subject Heading to see term in the hierarchical view of subject heading terms.

Note the options to make the subject heading a Major Concept in the article, or to Explode results so that all narrower subject headings are searched as well.

  • Click Search Database to run the search. Click on View Tutorials to watch the help video on using subject headings.

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