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CINAHL Help Guide

Information about how to use CINAHL


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Other Search Options

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Evidence-Based Care Sheets



Quick Lessons



Step 1: Enter your terms

  • Type your search terms into the search boxes on the Advanced screen.
  • Choose the field(s) you want to search from the pull down boxes and click Search.
  • Use the asterisk (*) to search word roots, e.g. transplant* retrieves transplant, transplants, or transplantation


Step 2: Limit your search


  • Narrow your search to a lower number of more precise results by selecting options such as Research Article, desired Age Groups, Language, Publication Type, Peer Reviewed, etc. from the options available by clicking Show More in the left column next to the Search Results.
  • Note the Clinical Queries refinement, which limits search retrieval to scientifically sound and clinically relevant study reports in five research areas: therapy, prognosis, review, qualitative and causation (etiology).
  • Note the option to limit results where either the First Author is a Nurse or Any Author is a Nurse.

Step 3: Combining Sets/Search History

  • Click Clear next to the search boxes to remove the current search terms.
  • Click Search History and select the sets to combine by checking the boxes next to them. Click on Search with AND or Search with OR to run the new search.
  • Alternatively, combine results by typing a search number into a new search box, i.e. s1 and s2 or keyword(s) and s1, and click Search.

Other Search Options

Evidence-Based Care Sheets

  • Search or browse 2- page summaries of treatment care for many conditions that include all references used in producing the summaries.

Quick Lessons

  • (under More options at the top of the page) Search or browse 2-page summaries, with references, for diseases and conditions.

Cited References

  • Search through supporting cited references back to the year 1715. Images - search for images found in full text articles included in the EBSCO subscription. Limit by type of image such as color photograph.

Citation Matcher

  • Quickly find specific citations using known information such as Author, Title, Publication, Start Page.

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