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Collections Updates & Feedback: Health Sciences Library

Updates and request for feedback on potential cancellations of Health Sciences Library resources

Other Library Collections

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) is a part of the National Library of Medicine and has a mission of advancing the progress of medicine and improving public health through the access to health information. NN/LM achieves this mission by enhancing access to biomedical and health information for researchers, health professional and the public.

The NN/LM Pacific Northwest Region supports collaboration among regional libraries, information centers, and community-based organization in the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The Regional Medical Library for the Pacific Northwest Region is located in the Health Sciences Library at the University of Washington. It offers education programs, funding, and consultation to support research, health information services, resource sharing, community partnerships, and outreach programs in the region.

The Health Evidence Resource for Washington State or HEALWA assures affordable, anytime, online access to current, authoritative clinical information and educational resources to eligible health care practitioners in the state of Washington. This is done via a partnership with the Washington State Department of Health.

More information about HEALWA:

List of eligible health professions

How to get started by setting up an account


Cooperative Acquisitons

The UW Libraries actively participates in regional and national cooperative collection development efforts which enhance the range of resources available to UW students, faculty, and staff while conserving precious funds for local acquisitions.

Orbis Cascade Alliance: Collaboration among members of this regional consortium expands the print resources available to UW scholars through Summit, the Alliance joint catalog. The Orbis Cascade e-book program allows UW patrons to view electronic books that are accessible to and jointly owned by all member libraries.

Greater Western Library Alliance: Collaboration amount members of this regional consortium expands access to quality information within the consortium by capitalizing on new technologies, forging effective and meaningful partnerships, and promoting innovation and excellence.

Collaborative Collection Management

As members of the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST) and the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA), the UW Libraries collaborates with other research libraries to ensure long-term access to microform and print serials whether or not a digital surrogate exists.  Shared responsibility for maintaining retrospective print holdings enables the Libraries to better manage its own collections space.

As members of MedPrint (Medical Serials Print Preservation Program) by the National Networks of Libraries of Medicine and National Library of Medicine, the Health Sciences Library and UW LIbraries work to ensure the preservation and continued access to health care literature through a national cooperative medical serials print retention program.