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Health Sciences Library Collections Feedback

Request for Feedback on Potential Cancellations of Health Sciences Library Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why are important journals on this list?

This list of journal titles is not a short-list of titles tagged for cutting: being on the list does not mean that a journal is at an increased risk of being cut. The Health Sciences Library Collections Team decided to list the health sciences journals that aren’t part of packages so that we could gather feedback on them to include in the decision-making process. We want to keep the cuts as low-impact as possible. By letting us know which ones are important to your work and research, you’re helping us prioritize the ones that are used by the UW health sciences community. 

After reviewing faculty, student, and staff feedback, the Health Sciences Library Collections Team will use their expertise to determine which journal subscriptions of the subset listed must be cancelled to stay within the budget. They will evaluate each title based on:

  • your feedback,
  • their knowledge of the discipline and departments,
  • usage and impact metrics,
  • cost, and
  • value.

As stewards of the Health Sciences Library collections and University funding, our hope is to move away from binary and zero-sum perspectives about allocations and expenditures. Instead, our intention is to engage in substantive and collaborative discussions that result in making the best possible decisions on acquiring, retaining, and cancelling subscriptions, given current resources and long-term implications on teaching and research at the UW (more details in the Principles & Rubric for Subscription Review). As listed above, we will evaluate journals based on their value and usage metrics, but to make our cancellation decisions based solely on these metrics contradicts our guiding principle of engaging with the community.

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Why are there only health sciences journals on this list? 

The UW Libraries has compiled a list of non-health sciences journals that are being considered for cancellation, please see the UW Libraries Subscription Review 2021 for more information. Please note that their list is different from the health sciences list because it includes the subset of subscriptions the UW Libraries is likely to cancel whereas the Health Sciences Library's list of journals is a list of journals being considered for cancellation but we expect to maintain many of them.

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Why are there print journals on this list?

Some publishers do not make electronic versions of their journals available to libraries unless the library also subscribes to the print journal. Some publishers do not license electronic access to libraries and only offer electronic access to individuals. This is generally in order to protect publishers' profits. UW Libraries is committed to honoring copyright law and licenses.

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"You need permission" error encountered when trying to submit feedback.

This issue has been corrected. If you are still seeing this error, please clear your browser cache and try again.

You need to be signed in to Google with your University of Washington credentials to submit feedback. If you are unable to do so, please activate G Suite for your account and try to sign into Google again (detailed instructions below for signing into Google with UW credentials).

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How to sign in to Google with UW credentials

Follow these steps to ensure you are logged in with your UW credentials to submit feedback: 

  1. Close out of your browser and/or open a brand new window
  2. Type in the web address bar:
  3. If you are already signed into a Google account: 
    1. There will be a circle at the top right with either a letter or your profile picture for that account. Click on that circle, and then click “Sign Out” on the bottom right. Then follow steps 4 through 8. 
    2. Alternatively, click “Add another account”. Then follow steps 4 through 8.
  4. If you are not signed into any account (or you completed step 3), there will be a blue rectangle that reads “Sign in” in the top right corner. Click the rectangle.
  5. A window will pop up asking you to sign in. Enter your full UW email address onto the “Email or phone” line ( and click Next.
  6. You will be redirected to a University of Washington page asking you to enter your UW NetID and corresponding password. (This should look familiar)
    1. If you are not automatically redirected to the UW NetID login page, please follow these instructions for activating UW G Suite. After activation, return to step 4 to sign into Google with your UW email.
  7. This brings you back to the original Google search page; you are now logged into Google with your UW NetID.
  8. Open the list of journals in the same browser and click Submit Feedback for the title you are interested in; the browser should recognize you are signed in with your UW credentials and allow you to complete the form. 

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