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Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health Guide

Guide to library resources and techniques relevant to the Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health program.

Getting Started with Research

Get Oriented

Citation Management

Start with a citation manager so you can track what you find:

Evaluating Information Quality

Check that the information you find is high quality and reliable, even when it is peer reviewed research.

Research Through an Anti-Racism Lens

Many current and historical methods of conducting research reinforce white supremacy and other forms of racism. Only by actively working to overcome racism do we improve our research and systems. Some, but not all, considerations for researching through an anti-racism lens:

  • Have you spoken over or for marginalized communities rather than listening to the issues the community wants to address? Look into Community-Based Participatory Research practices.
  • Have you sought out diverse voices from the community you are serving? Who is missing from the conversation? Why?
  • Have you sought out research from varying perspectives? Think about race, ability, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Have you accounted for the impacts of racism over time? E.g., redlining creating food deserts that persist to today.

Read through the resources below to learn more about how to be an anti-racist and research through an anti-racism lens. 

Anti-Racist Research Resources




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