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Web of Science Help Guide

Information about how to search Web of Science (WoS).

Saving Searches and Creating Alerts

Saving Searches

Creating Search Alerts

  1. Sign in to Web of Science (WoS).
  2. Run a search in Web of Science (WoS) from the Search or Advanced Search page to find records for which you want to create an Alert.
  3. Click the Create Alert bell icon to open the Save Search History overlay dialog. 
    1. You will be prompted to sign in, either sign-in to your existing individual WoS account or register for an individual WoS account.
  4. Enter a descriptive Alert Name and click Create Alert.
  5. Your e-mail name will appear in the Email Address field. Select an e-mail format: Plain Text, HTML, EndNote, or Field Tagged.
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Click the Close button to return to the Full Record page.

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Save Searches and Set Email Alerts

  1. "Search Alerts will email you when new publications are added to the database that match your saved search criteria."
  2. Run your search 
  3. Click on Create Alert to the right of the search bar
    Screenshot of buttons on Web of Science search results: Analyze Results, Citation Report, Create Alert
  4. Sign in or create an account with Web of Science 
  5. Give the Search Alert a descriptive name
  6. Click Create 
  7. The default frequency is Weekly, click Manage Alerts to change the name, update email frequency, change email recipient(s) address(es), rerun the search, disable the alert, and more.