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Law: Getting Started

This guide provides students with a starting place to conducting research in the area of law.


Getting Started

One of the best ways to find case law or statutes - particularly when you are unfamiliar with an area of law - is to find a relevant secondary source.  Examples include:

  • Law review articles-  Examples include the Yale Law Review and Washington University Law Review.
  • Handbooks/Guides-  Examples include Nutshell Guides - these guides give an overview of a particular area of law with definitions and major cases. 

When you use a secondary source, you not only find case law and statutes, but also vocabulary that can improve your searches. To further improve your searches see the glossary of legal terms within this guide.

Another important aspect of legal research is making sure you have the most current and updated cases, laws and information. Always check sources for updates; in books, for example, look for supplements. You want to make sure you are citing the most recent, best, law.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Gallagher Law Library Subject Resources

Nutshell Series

The UWT Library has several books from the In A Nutshell Series. Some are only available in Reference, others may be checked out,  Gallagher Law Library has a large collection available by request.