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Research Guides

How I Can Help You

For Students:

  • Research Guidance: I can offer valuable advice on research strategies specifically tailored to labor collections.
  • Collection Recommendations: I'll suggest the most relevant labor collections and reference materials to support your research.
  • Database Expertise: I can guide you to the most suitable databases for your research topic.
  • Q&A Support: Feel free to reach out with questions via email, phone, or arrange in-person meetings.
  • Individual Consultations: I'm available for one-on-one discussions to refine your research topic and strategies.
  • Library Services Overview: I can provide insights into the wide range of library services available to you.
  • Hands-On Experience: You can gain practical experience in describing, arranging, preserving, and making primary source materials in labor history accessible. Ask about opportunities to volunteer, intern, or participate as a service-learning student:

For Faculty:

  • Citation Assistance: I can help track down elusive citations for your academic work.
  • Student Workshops: I can introduce your students to valuable research tools and strategies through specialized workshops.
  • Custom Webpage: I'll create a dedicated webpage tailored to your class assignments.
  • Curriculum Integration: We can discuss effective methods to incorporate research skills and library resources into your class assignments.
  • Student Consultations: I'm available for one-on-one meetings with your students.
  • Community Engagement: I can assist in bringing labor-related collections from community members you've collaborated with or researched.
  • Library Services Overview: I'll provide information on the full spectrum of library services.
  • Liaison Support: I can act as a bridge between you and the labor community to facilitate your research efforts.

For Labor Union Members, Officers, and the General Public with Labor-Related Collections:

  • Collection Transfer Assistance: I can work with you to seamlessly transfer your records to the Labor Archives of Washington.
  • Educational Engagement: I offer engaging tours and presentations about the labor archives to your organization.
  • Research Guidance: I'm available for tours and presentations on how to effectively utilize labor collections for your organization.
  • Individual Consultations: One-on-one meetings are an option for discussing your research topic and research strategies.
  • Records Management Workshops: I can teach workshops on "How to Keep Union Records," suggesting records management strategies for your existing records and how to select and donate your inactive historic records of enduring value.
  • Archival Services Overview: I'll inform you about the services provided by the Labor Archives of Washington State.
  • Support for Members and Communication Officers: I can assist in locating archival materials to support your organization's activities.


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Conor Casey
Conor M. Casey, MA, MLIS, CA
Head, Labor Archives of Washington

Libraries Special Collections

Labor Archives of Washington

Mail: Box 352900, Seattle, WA 98133-2900

Allen Library South, Basement/B81D

206.685.3976 fax 206.543.1931

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