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Maps & Cartographic Information: Geologic Maps

Search tips for finding maps, atlases, aerial photos, GIS, and other cartographic materials.

Frequently Used Resources

Geologic Maps & the Collection

The Map Collection is the regional depository for all maps issued by the United States Federal Depository Program, which includes many USGS maps, Open File Reports (OFRs), and Miscellaneous Investigations Series Maps (MIS). The Collection has excellent geologic coverage of Washington state, very good coverage of the rest of the United States, and good coverage for most of the world.

Catalog Search Tips: Geologic Maps

Use UW Libraries Search to find geologic maps.

  • Try a keyword search using the word "geolog*" and your geographic area. Then refine your results using the resource type "maps". (The asterisk * tells the catalog to search for any word beginning with those letters.) For example: geolog* New Zealand
  • Once you have found an item you are interested in, please write down the call number and the location. Geologic maps can be found in many locations in the Map Collection. Please ask a Maps staff member if you need assistance locating an item.

Digital geologic maps

Related Terms & Definitions

Geologic maps represent the physical forces which act upon the Earth, the chemistry of the materials of which the Earth is made, the shape of the surface of the Earth, and the biology of the past as evidenced by fossils.
(Adapted from the definition of "geology," Glossary of the Mapping Sciences, p. 219, Suzzallo Ground Floor Reference TA505.G57 1994.)