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Mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest: Home

Resources which document climbing the mountains of the Pacific Northwest throughout history.

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Party of mountaineers at the edge of a large crevasse in Nisqually Glacier, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, ca. 1925. Order Number RNP51.

The mountains of the Pacific Northwest have played an important role in this region throughout history. Individuals and organizations alike have explored, climbed, hiked, and skied the slopes of these peaks. This guide provides information about a selection of papers, oral histories, visual materials, and other primary source materials about mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest that are held by the University of Washington’s Special Collections. This is not an exhaustive list of resources held on this topic, and many other books and reference materials are available. If you need help finding addition materials, please call Special Collections at 206-543-1929 or visit our reference desk during open hours. 

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