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How I Can Help You

For faculty, I can:

  • Collaborate with you on digital scholarship, digital collections, and archiving projects
  • Consult with you about incorporating student work into digital scholarship projects and Libraries Digital Collections
  • Consult with you about designing open digital scholarship student assignments, including online exhibits, archiving, or oral history assignments
  • Work with you to explore options for digital scholarship tools
  • Help you explore your options for making your work openly available and archiving your scholarship
  • Introduce you to the UW’s Institutional Repository, ResearchWorks, and how to deposit your articles and research data
  • Consult with you about open access and copyright issues, especially around depositing your articles or data in ResearchWorks, working with students in open environments, student project agreement forms, and using images
  • Support your students as they learn about and work with archives and digital collections
  • Purchase books or other resources in the areas of archiving, oral history, digital collections, digital humanities, digital scholarship, visual studies, visual literacy, and related topics

For students, I can:

  • Consult with you on your capstone, open, and digital scholarship projects
  • Answer questions about University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections
  • Work with you to meet course requirements for archiving your oral histories, interviews, papers, or other coursework
  • Consult with you about image copyright and citation, open access, Creative Commons, etc. 

Library Guides

Research guides created or co-created by me to help you with your academic work:

Head of Digital Scholarship

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