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Student Guide: Study Room Reservations

Room Types

Group Study

Group Study Rooms (LB1-302, LB1-303, LB1-320, LB1-321, LB1-322, LB1-323, LB1-324, LB1-325, LB2-303, LB2-304, LB2-305, LB2-306, LB2-307, LB2-308, LB2-309)

These rooms range in size and are equipped with 52" monitors to support group work and collaboration on projects for students using laptops. The monitors support HDMI, VGA, and DVI connections. These rooms also include a whiteboard, TV, VCR, and DVD player. There are no computers installed in these rooms.

Media Group Study Rooms (LB1-207, LB1-214, LB2-310 and LB2-318)

There are four Media Group Study Rooms in the library. Two are on the second floor and two are on the third floor. These rooms include a whiteboard, computer (with laptop connectivity), data projector, and powered speakers. Two of these rooms (LB1-207 & LB1-214) also have phones.  Priority use is for groups of students who need to use the equipment. Equipment is supported by Information Technologies.

  •     Computer (with laptop connectivity)
  •     Data Projector
  •     Powered speakers

Individual Study Rooms (LBA-303, LBA-304)

These small rooms near the 3rd Floor Reading Room are the only rooms that one person can reserve for individual use. They may also be used by groups. They contain a whiteboard and a wall-mounted monitor.

Study Room Policies

Call staff at 425-352-5340 for assistance

Rooms can be reserved for up to two hours

You can have one active reservation at a time

If a reserved room is unoccupied after 15 minutes, another group can occupy the room

To facilitate sharing of rooms, groups should not create back-to-back reservations

Individuals using group study rooms alone may be asked to leave the room


Reserve a Study Room

Room Button


  • Click on the green Reserve a Space button to enter the room reservation system.
  • A Green box means the room is available. Click on the box where the start time you want intersects with an available room.
  • Choose an end time from the drop down menu at the bottom of the screen, and click the Submit Times button.
  • You may then be prompted for your UW Net ID. After logging in, enter a name for your reservation and click the Submit my Booking button.
  • You should then receive a confirmation screen and email.

The online reservation system is for student use only. Faculty & staff should call or visit the library's Information Desk for questions about room reservations: (425) 352-5340.


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