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Informed Civic Engagement Resource Guide: Informed Civic Engagement


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“Don’t let your inability to do everything undermine your determination to do something for the cause of your country.” - Cory Booker


The UWB/CC Campus Library believes that supporting informed civic engagement is a critical part of our educational mission. The purpose of this resource guide is to assist in learning more about engaging in the democratic process. It includes tools for voting and interacting with elected officials, engaging in challenging conversations about key issues in our communities, and understanding fake news and disinformation.

This guide was updated in June 2020 in the wake of national and global protests over institutional systems of oppression, racism, and bias. The Civic Action page will help you to learn about, engage with, and take action in electoral politics. Voting in elections is important. But specifically, voting in local elections has direct, tangible impacts on day-to-day life. Voting may seem insignificant in the greater context of national and world events, but it is a fundamental and powerful action. The Civic Action page will give you information about voting, and about other ways to leverage your voice and speak up about important issues in your community. The other pages include references for how to have difficult political conversations, seek out volunteer opportunities, and sort through the vast, complicated amount of information and disinformation you might encounter.

We hope that with this guide, you will feel empowered to use the tools available to you to engage confidently in the political landscape surrounding us.

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